Scientific-producing enterprise (SPE) Chemprom Service (conversed from Chemprom in 2006) operates at the chemical market since 1992.

Its main activity consists in developing compositions, technologies and production of cationic and amphoteric surface active agents and reagents based on them. Such as corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, flotoreagents, foaming agents and detergent compounds. The special technological equipment makes it possible to produce up to 5 thousand products of 20 types.

Due to skilled and experienced staff and modern laboratory new compositions, techniques and modified products are developed.
A system of efficient quality product control is provided guaranteeing product stability.

Delivery dates are reduced by availability of tank farm and raw materials.

Products manufactured by the enterprise are used in the oil and gas industry, industry concentration, as well as in road construction, in the production of detergents and disinfectants, medicine and other industries.

 We look forward to any collaboration.The experience and professionalism of our specialists will help you to get technical information you need.